Development of offshore oil and gas fields, in particular on the continental shelf and outside a 200-mile zone, use of floating drilling platforms, laying of pipelines and communications on seabed and passing of transport vessels through territorial waters of  foreign state are issues of utmost importance for any company which is planning or carrying out production of resources in sea waters.

Also, in recent years the importance of subsoil plots of the continental shelf significantly increased, especially because of their high oil-and-gas content and also in the light of the planned expansion of borders of the continental shelf of the Russian Federation in the Arctic.

For a number of  purposes, subsoil plots of the continental shelf can be provided  to legal entities under a license agreement for development of the continental shelf. The right of use of the continental shelf arises from the moment of receiving of the necessary license in Federal Agency for Subsoil Management – Rosnedra. Obtaining such license demands implementation of a number of legal formalities and the subsequent participation in a competition or an auction.

We provide consultation services on questions of the legislation on the continental shelf and  international maritime law with drawing up detailed reports, we assist in drafting contracts with foreign contractors, including international organizations,  participate in settlement of disputes, including, in the commission of the UN on borders of the continental shelf, we carry out legal support of participation in competitions and auctions to receive the rights to state contracts and participation in competitions and auctions for the right of use of subsoil on the continental shelf.