Any development of  subsoil, whether it be oil and gas production, mining or drilling of the water-bearing well, is allowed only within a certain territory and in the order established by the law. We provide legal advice on the general issues of receiving the rights for a subsoil, we render services in the conclusion of license agreements, we protect the rights of subsoil users in public authorities.

Our client may get advice on the conditions of use of natural resources and  order of obtaining licenses, assessment of legitimacy of earlier granted licenses and also probabilities of early cancellation of the license. We will also represent the interests of subsoil users in arbitration courts and in public authorities, assist with receiving / renewal of licenses for subsurface use, prepare necessary documents, represent clients in the competitive and auction commissions and  render legal assistance at renewal of the license for subsurface use upon termination of its term.

In case of disputes with public authorities concerning obtaining licenses for the right of use of a subsoil, we represent clients at a pre-judicial stage or in arbitration courts.