If you faced violation of the intellectual rights or you need to provide protection of the rights for intellectual property items, lawyers will render services in protection of copyright and related rights, including in the Internet, protection of the rights for the trademark, to execution of license agreements and author’s contracts.

Our Services in protection of copyright include:

  • legal advice on copyright;
  • drafting contracts of alienation of copyright, license contracts;
  • registration, depositions and protection of the rights;
  • representation in official bodies and the organizations;
  • pre-judicial settlement of disputes;
  • filing lawsuits;
  • Trademark rights protection in Federal Customs Service, in Federal Antimonopoly Service, in Intellectual Property Rights Court and Arbitration courts of all instances.
  • Internet rights Protection
  • Transfer of rights to any intellectual property items (trademarks, inventions, software, unique data, etc.)